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Legal notices

Personal Data Protection

Last update: January 2018

Vprint understands that your personal data and privacy are of the utmost importance to you. For this reason, we respect the laws concerning the processing of personal data through our website and in the context of the services that we provide to our clients.

Data Processing Officer
Vprint S .A, boulevard Industriel 95, 7700 Mouscron, is responsible for the processing of all this data.

Data-processing in the context of requests for information or services

You can contact us by using the contact form on the website or directly by email. The data that you provide through these channels is used to answer your requests for information, products or services.

Data-processing in the context of providing services
When providing services under contract, there are numerous exchanges of information between you and VPRINT (mainly via email). We keep these exchanges, whether email or other means, in order to ensure a good follow-up of the files. We then archive them and destroy them 5 years after the case is closed or the end of the contract, except in the case of a legal obligation that would require us to keep them for a longer term. Beyond these 5 years, we only keep general information about the file ( type of service, customer name, date).

For all data files that we may receive from you in the context of a service, all information concerning their processing will be detailed in the contract that we conclude with you (the data processing method will be mentioned as well as the security measures that are in place, the retention period, etc).

Data use in the context of security
When you visit Vprint, a badge is created for you – at the entrance – for the purposes of internal security at Vprint. This security is required not only for the protection of all property but also for the protection of all data that we process internally.

The badge information is kept for two weeks and then destroyed except in the case of an incident requiring analysis of the entries and exits to and from the Vprint buildings.

You will note on arrival at the Vprint offices, that all our car parks are monitored by cameras. The legally required information is available on site. The data is kept according to the legislation concerning cameras.

Transfer of data ?
This data will in no case be transferred to a third party, except :

  • in the case of our subcontractors, who process the data in our name and for our account (under the contract that we have with you)
  • if we have a legal obligation to transfer the data (to public or legal authorities)
  • if you explicitly ask us to transfer the data to a third party

What are your rights ?
Any person who can prove their identity, has the right to access their personal data, to have it corrected if it is incorrect, to object to the processing in the cases foreseen by the law or to request the elimination in accordance with the applicable law (when the data is no longer necessary, if the consent has been withdrawn, if the processing is illegal, if there is an objection to the processing (and there is no other reason for the processing) or a legal obligation forces Vprint to delete the data).

To exercise these rights, Vprint requests that you send a dated and signed request as well as proof of your identity. The request must be sent to dataprotection@vprint.be

You may introduce a complaint to the Belgian control authorities (Data Protection Authorities) at any time.

Modification of this declaration
Vprint reserves the right to adapt this ‘Declaration on the Protection of Personal Data’ so that it accurately reflects the data-processing and remains in accordance with the applicable legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR”).

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